What sweeteners do you use?

We use either allulose or Lakanto monk fruit. We don't touch any of the nasty sweeteners so you can rest assured your belly (and counter surfing pets) are happy.

Do you take custom orders?

Yes we do! Please use the contact form and tell us your thoughts.

What if I have dairy allergies or I am vegan?

We like to consider ourselves a bakery that caters to special diets, so short answer is we will make it however you like! Almost all of our recipes can be modified to be dairy free. We don't use milk in any recipe so we will just be exchanging out butter and heavy cream. As for vegans, the answer is maybe... just ask about a specific item!

What kind of diets and lifestyles do you cater to?

Pretty much all of them! Our goods are perfect for diabetics, those with celiacs, IBS, etc. As well as those with a dairy allergy and, of course, those living a Keto or Paleo lifestyle.

Do you ship your baked goods?

If I had a nickle every time this was asked I'd be a millionaire! The Boss Lady isnt too sure this is the avenue we want to persue BUT we are always happy to try with some of our more durable baked goods. Just send us a message!